Friday, July 8, 2011


During our lunch break from class one day, the roommate and I wondered around High St Kensington to find something to eat. We had heard a lot about Wagamama so we decided to give it a go (there is one in Earl's Court. 
Wagamama is another chain restaurant and it is extremely popular during the lunch hour.

I ordered Duck Gyoza £5.15 which are duck and leek dumplings with a spicy cherry hoi sin sauce. I have been on a duck kick lately so I usually try and order duck when I see it on the menu. These were pretty tasty, not the best I have had, but there were very good. I really liked the hoi sin dipping sauce, original flavor to me.
Roommate ordered the Yaki Soba £7.40 (teppan-fried soba noodles with egg, chicken, shrimps, onions, green and red peppers, beansprouts and spring onions. garnished with mixed sesame seeds, fried shallots and pickled ginger). She really liked this dish, and it was enough for two meals. 
My place setting - I thought it was cool that they just gave you chopsticks. If you wanted silverware I am pretty sure you had to ask. I like being forced to use the chopsticks, good practice. 
I thought that this place was pretty good, service was pretty friendly and food was quick. They really have the whole "it's lunch hour so I need to eat quick" mentality. 

Grade: B-

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