Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Taqueria Poblano

L and I were in Alexandria apartment searching a little while back and were getting hungry. Using my food apps on my phone, I spotted Taqueria Poblano and saw that they sold single tacos that were decently priced so we decided to check it out. Every time I think of the Del Ray area, I think of my horrible experience at Fireflies, thankfully my luck was about to change!
We parked down a side street, and walked 2 blocks to the restaurant. When we got inside, I was very pleasantly surprise at the deco, very cute and fun. Our server brought us out chips and house salsa. The chips were pretty good, and the salsa was not bad either. Although it was not the kind that you keep on eating even when you are full (for those like myself who struggle with self control).
To start off we tried an order of Grilled Onions $2.50. These were pretty tasty, although they were not what I was expecting. They appearance kind of reminded me of a larger version of onion grass and the shape made it a bit awkward to eat.
We each got Tacos Al Pastor $3.50 (pork, onions, pineapple, cilantro, red chili sauce) to start off our meal. It was pretty tasty, and I thought the addition of pineapple was an interesting twist.
And then to top the meal off we decided to split a Duck Carnitas (taco) $5.50 which includes guac, cheese, pico de gallo, and onion. Amazing, all the ingredients were fresh and the flavors went together. I have never had duck in taco form before and I will be more than willing to try it again sometime.
Here are all of the salsas: the house is served with the chips, and then the Ancho-red chilli and Tomatillo Pepper Sauce are at the table, and the Habanero Sauce is available upon request. You can buy their salsas too I believe. None of them stood out to me.
This is the type of place I feel like I would order carryout from if I lived in the area, I am still curious enough to try some of their other tacos. Taqueria Poblano was pretty tasty, but I would not make a separate trip out here for the food.

Grade : B-

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