Monday, July 11, 2011

A very British last day ..Tea at The Orangery

Trying to decide what I wanted to do my last day in London was pretty hectic, but then I decided to not try and cram a bunch of things in and just have a chill day and go to Camden Market, Tea and Massis, a Lebanese restaurant my mom and I frequented last time I was in London (looking back, it seems like I did try and cram a bunch of stuff in!).

After looking around a few websites, I decided that we should try the Orangery at Kensington Palace for a few reasons. (1) It was located in Kensington Gardens/Palace, which is really close to where we were staying and (2) Prices were affordable, they had a range of teas from £15.95~32ish. Most places I looked up had tea starting around £30 and higher.
Afternoon tea starts at 12 (for some reason I read 230 so we planned to get there around 2) and goes until 5 or 6 depending on the season. We got there around 2:15 and had to wait inline for about 20 minutes, which really was not bad considering it was a gorgeous Friday out and the middle of summer.
All of the afternoon teas come with a orange scented scone with strawberry jam and Cornish clotted creme and finger/tea sandwiches. The top tier of the serving rack changes with what type of tea you order.
They have 4 different tea options, and the roommate and I both decided to get the "Enchanted Palace Tea" £18.35 which came with a Chocolate Ganache Slice and a Heart Shaped Raspberry Shortbread along - they were both delicious, the chocolate fiend in me especially loved the Ganache slice. Amy ordered the "Signature Orange Tea" £15.50 which came with a chocolate thing of some sort and a orange and passion fruit tart. Both of them were really good.
All 3 of us chose the Roobis Breakfast tea (Orange) which is recommended with Amy's tea. instead of the recommended Chocolate tea (just sounds weird). The Roobis tea was delicious and it came in a tea pot (which meant we got about 3 cups worth) and a drainer so you don't get the tea leaves in your drink.
Cucumber, Cream Cheese and Chive on poppy seed bread: My favorite!
Poache Salmon and dill on onion bread
Sliced Ham with Grain Mustard mayo on Sun Blushed Tomato Bread:
4th Sandwich: do not remember what is was...whoops
Now for one of the best parts! Scones with CCC (Cornish clotted cream)and strawberry jam. The scones were pretty darn tasty and the strawberry jam was on point. 
One thing that was horrible about this place is the service. I had finally gotten used to ( more so accepted) that I will never get good service here. Is it so much to ask for my water refilled or be able to get the check. The waiter was terrible. 
I am very glad I got to do something traditional and British before I left, and even though the service was probably the worst I have had in my 3 weeks in London, company, experience and food/tea was enough to make this a really good adventure :)

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