Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Massis and Last night in London :(

My mom and I went to London for Spring Break when I was in High school. One of the restaurants that we fell in love with was this Lebanese Restaurant, Massis. We went here for lunch 3-4 times in the week that we were there. This is the original restaurant in what is now a chain in London. Very cool we came here before it decided to expand :)
I was in London for 3 weeks and I didn't manage to go to this place until the last night I was here, very sad.

I brought my roommate and my friend David with me. 

D and I both ordered the Hummus Shawarma 6.75 (with lamb, I believe they also had chicken available) and it was amazing (roommate ordered the regular hummus).We both had leftovers so we wrapped it up in a pita and ate it for a snack after our exhilarating night.
I ordered the Fattoush salad 6.99 (but I got an appetizer version of this and it was a little cheaper), a favorite of my mom and I's. It was not as good as I remember, but I probably had it idolized in my mind. Massis' fattoush is still the best version I have had.
D ordered something that I have never tried before(the pumpkin version), Pumpkin Kibbeh 5.25 (pumpkin and crushed wheat, filled with onions, chickpeas and walnuts) and it was pretty darn tasty.
And hey, they didn't charge us for pita bread! First time in London I haven't had to pay for something like this!
This place held up to my expectations, and I am very glad that even though it was the last night, I did manage to get here. On my next trip to London (yes there will be future trips) I hope to be able to stop by here and try some of their other dishes.

Afterwords (after some more wine and cards) we went to the Tower Bridge and took pictures at night...sadly we didn't get a lot because we got there at 11:30 and the tube closes at 12 so we had to hurry back :(

Grade: B+

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