Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Meal in London, Cafe du Coin

The roommate and I had just unpacked our bags and tried to make our little flat feel lived in when we were hit with overwhelming hunger. We decided to try and venture around and being completely new to the area, we ended up taking the longest, most complicated way to Earls Court, which we later found was literally a block away from where we were staying.

Being very indecisive, we finally ended up deciding to eat at this place called Cafe du Coin.
The guy behind the counter was very nice and helpful and catered to our needs. We both started off with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice-delicious, perfect for my first drink in London (and look at the straws!).
Then we split 2 different veggie/Mediterranean sandwiches. The guy behind the counter offered to split the two in half. They were both very tasty! I have noticed during my time here, I have almost become a vegetarian (GASP!). It also came with a little salad which was a nice touch.
Overall this was a good meal, it came to about £6-7  a person which is pretty good for what we got. The roommate also came back here and got a take away breakfast and enjoyed it. I can only attest to the extra toast she got, and they did that well ;)

Grade: B (was good, but I never ventured back here in the 3 weeks I was here)

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