Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photography Class in London (Part 1 of 3)

Our first assignment was taking a variety of shots along the South Bank of London adjusting to using a camera where we have to adjust the light, aperture, etc (camera things). Pretty cool, except we needed 50 pictures for the assignment and the camera they loaned us only had memory for 60 which made it hard when she said take several pictures of one thing. For the other assignments, I just put the lens from the borrowed camera onto my camera so I could take as many as I wanted.

Anyways, here are my final 6 pictures...

 This is a bottle on the underside of a staircase to a bridge/walkway (lightened a little with photoshop)
This is somewhere along the edge of the South Bank (I believe I lightened the exposure with photoshop)
This is grass along the southbank (darkened the exposure because it was overexposed)
Carousel (no edits)
Somewhere in the bike/skate area of the South Bank (no edits)- I feel like this is my very artsy one! This is also the one I got the most compliments on too
Anyways hope you enjoyed my artsy side, let's hope I can pull off a good job for the next 2 assignments :)

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