Friday, June 10, 2011

Mother's Day @ Wildfire

For mothers day (celebrated a week early), I decided to take my mom out to Wildfire: Steaks, Chops and Seafood at Tysons Galleria. I dined there a couple of years ago, and had a very satisfying experience so I thought it would be a nice dinner.
My mom ordered the Aviator $7.50 beer to start off her meal, which was not to bad, she seemed to like it.
They brought us out a slab of cornbread which my mom liked, but I didn't because I am not a huge fan of cornbread.
We started off with two appetizers. Spinach and Artichoke Fondue $9.95 and Baked Goat Cheese $8.95. The spinach and artichoke dip was decent, but I was not very thrilled with the bread that was served for dipping, did not go well with the dip or "fondue". It was bland and not flavorful. The Goat Cheese dip was very tasty. Goat cheese is sometimes a little strong for me, but the flavor was still there without being to overwhelming (I would recommend the Goat Cheese Dip if you like cheese).
We decided to split two meals. The first was the Prime Rib French Dip $13.95 sandwich with Au Jus. I had this last time I went, and it was the best version of the sandwich that I had ever had. Sadly this visit did not hold up to last times expectations. It was edible, but dry, and not the moist, juiciness that this sandwich should be.
The next dish we ordered was the Wildfire Chopped Salad $12.95 (trying to be light after all the other food we consumed) made with chicken, avocados, bacon, blue cheese, scallions corn and tortilla strips served with a citrus-lime vinaigrette. This was a decent salad, nothing spectacular, but tasty.
Overall this dinner was pretty good, not as spectacular as I had hoped (last visits food was better so I went into this meal having realllllly high expectations) but still good enough so we stuffed ourselves.This restaurant is pricey, so save it for a special occasion when you are in the mood for steak, I've heard it is a specialty there.

Grade: B-

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