Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moley Brothers Q-Pit

J and I were on our way to wine tasting on a very windy Friday afternoon and neither of us had eaten. Deciding that eating was the smart thing to do, we used the GPS to try and find somewhere to eat, and ended up settling upon Moley Brothers Q-Pit BBQ in Leesburg.

We both got the Moley Sliders $6.49. I got one with pulled pork, chicken and beef brisket (first pic below). J got 2 pulled pork and a brisket (2nd pic below). They both came with a side of chips and for an extra $ I believe you could add sides.
Overall, our meal was pretty good, satisfied our appetite. It definitely was not the best barbeque I have had-not worth a trip here if you have to go out of the way, but maybe if you were hungry, passing by and craving barbeque.
The inside was very quirky, I loved the tables and organization of the restaurant. 
I enjoyed the lunch I had with J, it was quick, which served our purpose as we were on our way to wine tasting. Like I said, I would not make a special trip here, but if options were limited, I would definitely choose this over fast food.

Grade: C

22034 Shaw Rd Suite 101
Sterling, VA 20164

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