Monday, June 20, 2011

Lorenzo's (London)

For dinner, my roommate and I basically just decided to wander to the closest place to our dorms (or so we were thought). Our program only gave us a door of where the majority of the people are. Where we live is right around the corner from Earls Court, host to a variety of restaurants.
My roommate got the Fish and Chips, which was decent in her opinion.
I got some sort of veggie pizza, which was edible, but not good.
We both got cokes, they are made here with REAL sugar, coke with real sugar is like my crack, so addicting.

Grade: D

This place is edible if you have to go here (too expensive for the quality of food, but I guess it is London), but there is a plethora of other restaurants that you should wander around to and try.
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