Friday, June 24, 2011

Dragon Palace (London)

After a long day of walking around (the roomie and I found out after we were on the tube all of our lines were shut down) we were quite starving. We actually basically skipped out on lunch (just a quick croissant at Pret A Manger) because we were planning on eating lunch at Brick Lane (an Indian area) but the market place was so overwhelming and I didn’t have any idea where to go so we just headed to Oxford Circus afterwards. Oxfords Circus is a HUGE shopping street. Because neither of us could really spend a lot of money we headed to this place called PRIMARK which is supposed to be sort of like an equivalent of forever 21 (but it looks like they are actually getting one soon, we saw the building it was going to be in). This place was an absolute madhouse-black Friday kinda mad house. I just bought some tights so I could wear them with my dresses/skirts and be London/European looking.
Anyways, after Oxford Street, we tried to take the tube back, but they had closures on the two lanes that go to us, so we had to walk back from Notting Hill. It was not horrible, but I was not thinking that I was going to have to walk that long so I wore sandals. My feet are KILLING me.

When we finally got back, and after I took a nap (naps are becoming quite crucial here) we decided to wander to Earls Court, which is literally right around the corner from us. Settling upon Dragon’s Palace, we entered the building and were not to sure what to do. I still haven’t gotten the hang on whether or not I need to seat myself or be seated. We were seated but I saw a lot of other people just sit down at an empty table….so confusing.
We both started out with a class of wine, Alyssa got the house white and I got the house red-not bad, but when paired with food, it lost its flavor. I was craving wine, I feel like it has been forever since Carleigh and I have popped a bottle (only 2 weeks!).
Alyssa got the Hot and Sour soup to start out with, and she said it was quite good, this is something I might thinking of taking away on a cold day since its so close, and the vegetarian version is pretty cheap!
I got the Pan Fried Pork Dumpling, excellent! I thought they were awesome, cooked well and had good flavor. I did think that their dipping sauce was a little vinegary so all you needed was just a little sauce.
For my main course I ordered Crispy Beef. Another great dish, the beef stayed true to its name, crispy. The sauce was not at all spicy, which is what the description stated, but still good, although towards the end of the meal, it got a little sweet. I would still order this again though.
 A got Szechuan Chicken. This was an ok dish, I sampled a piece and the flavor was a little bland. The meat was nice and moist (for those who like that…haha I eat my chicken dry). After putting soy sauce on it (which came in this adorable little pitcher) she enjoyed it a lot more.
 We also split an order of Fried Rice. I don’t know if this is how all fried rice is served here, or just this particular restaurant, hopefully I will have a chance to try another place’s. It was pretty white and didn’t seem that fried to me. It was ok, but at that point, I feel like we could have saved a few pence and just ordered the white rice.
Here are our fortune cookies, mine is lame, but my roommates was the good one (i am sure you can tell).

Grade: B

This place was good, I really enjoyed my fried dumplings and crispy beef, but it was a little pricey (prob good for people who don’t have to convert from US $’s). Service was decent for what I have experienced (seems they don’t have to be nice to you if they don’t feel like it).

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