Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cafe Mogador, Feb NYC trip

This past February (I know, ridiculously late, and I still have more to write about) I visited D in NYC and we ate/drank our way around the city. For lunch, we started out with a Moroccan restaurant, Cafe Mogador. D has been here a few times with her family and they all really like the place. Because there was a Saturday brunch, and it being NYC, the place was packed. Luckily we managed to get a seat in the back corner of the restaurant.

We started out with some Green Tea $4.50/6.50 (sm/lg). AMAZING, I love good tea. And it came in an adorable pot-very authentic (at least in my mind).
Next we started out with Merguez platter $10. It came with hummus (very good), salad (also very good) and the sausage was pretty good. The red sauce on the side was very spicy...but it was good mixed with the hummus.
Then we split an order of Chicken Bastilla $15. This is one of the more original dishes that I have had. Bastilla consists of phylo dough, chicken, eggs, almonds, powdered sugar, herbs and spices. I know you may think that the powdered sugar on it would be weird, but it works with the dish. I have had this dish before at a restaurant in Arlington and I loved it, but I thought Mogador's version was a little dryer than I would have preferred.
It also came with a salad that had beets on it. Very interesting, I am trying to get myself to like beets, but I have not quite gotten there.
Overall I had a good experience at Mogador. It was absolutely packed, a very popular place to eat. I think with all of the restaurants to try in NYC, this one will not warrant a return trip in the near future, but it is definitely worth a try. Look how cute the restaurant is!

Grade: B 

101 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10009
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