Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Union Jacks Happy Hour

I received a happy hour at Union Jacks at their Ballston location a little while ago (I believe they have one in MD as well). I got to put in a request for my two hour time-slot for discounted drinks. They had an opening from 8-10 on a Friday so I figured I would go out after (turns out I am really cool, and I went back to play R's Kinect....AWESOME! if you haven't played kinect yet,  you are missing out)

I had about 8 people in total, but G, R and Rommie(RC) went with me right at 8pm, because when you get the happy hour, they also give you a free sampler platter-right up our ally, and that was going to be our dinner :) The platter included Pretzel Twists with Mustard (not bad, would have preferred cheese. but hey, it was free), Spinach and Artichoke Dip (the best thing on the platter, it was decent), Wings (decent) and Chicken Tenders (Not bad). This platter went nicely with our drinks.
Wings were also on special- 25 cents a wing (minimum order of 5) and there were 4 flavors to try so we got one of each. Starting from the top and going clockwise: Old Bay (gross "Like a desert in my mouth"-RC), Hot (spicy and dry, should have had some Buffalo sauce or something on it), BBQ (a little overwhelming with the sauce) and Cider (this was the best flavor-I'd get this one again). 
The drinks were $3 for my party which included beers, rail drinks and house wines. The $3 was a pretty good deal for certain beers-you could get a dogfish IPA. -->although I think that the happy hour going on at the restaurant was very similar to the prices my "Special" happy hour received

All in all the experience was good, there was just a minor attitude problem with the bartender. One of the girls in the party received little to no vodka in her cranberry vodka, and she was too scared to ask for some more, so I went up to our server who was right by the bar and asked about it. She took the drink to the bartender and asked her to top off the drink with vodka. She made an unpleasant face, and glared at me as she poured. Way to be inconspicuous if you're angry. She is lucky she was not getting tipped, because I wouldn't have left anything. 

However our server was very nice and I made sure to tip her well. If I ever got another happy hour here, or one of my friends did, I would be happy to come back. Union Jacks turns into a bar/club on the weekends which is pretty cool. 

Grade: B- (happy hour) C (food)

4238 Wilson Blvd (located in the Ballston Mall)
Arlington, VA

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