Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pastry Xpo

I have a weakness in the form of Baked Goods, but I don't really like cakes and sweets, so I am not sure why I have this weakness. Anyways I was getting lunch one day, and I passed by this pastry shop that I have never heard of, Pastry Xpo. I walked inside and the first thing I saw was a case of cupcakes staring me in the eye. I knew immediately I would have to purchase some.
Why 3 you ask, well I was going over to babysit my cousins, so I decided to do a group taste test.
I got German Chocolate (middle) because that is my aunts favorite, Salted Carmel (left) for my self and I asked the guy behind the counter to recommend me one, and he suggested Chocolate Fudge (right) (he actually first recommended Red Velvet 1st b/c it's the top seller, but I am not a fan).

The cupcakes were more moister than Crumbs Bakery, but I still wasn't a huge fan of the cake-all 3 cupcakes all had the same base cake. The frosting was not bad though, very whipped and light.
Salted Caramel: My personal favorite. I liked the caramel filled center and the icing. 
German Chocolate: First, this is not a real "German Chocolate" cake, it is a chocolate cake with cocunut frosting. Not bad- but nothing extraordinary.
Chocolate Fudge: Kind of bland. The chocolate cake was not good other then the fact that it did not try my mouth out. 

This place is not worth making a separate trip to, but if I were to be eating in this office park, or in the general area and craving a cupcake or other baked good (this place has a wide variety of products) I would give this place another go around. 

Grade: C+

8190 Strawberry Lane <---How cool is the street name?
Falls Church, VA 
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