Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Irish Adventure

I had a buy one get one free appetizer coupon from Murphys (if you sign up for their email list they send you this, along with a buy one get one free entry for your birthday) so C and I went to try it out.
We decided to try the Spinach and Artichoke Dip and the Potato Skins. The Spinach Dip came in a bread bowl which was really cool, I wish more places did this. Sadly though, neither appetizer was that great. The potato skins were very dry, even with the sour cream and the dip was lackluster.
They also had a happy hour, so we both got some sort of Irish Beer. I don't remember the names but they were both good (I think one may have been Killians).
713 King St
Alexandria, VA 22134
Murphy's Grand Irish Pub on Urbanspoon

Instead of getting food at Murphy s, C and I decided to walk around Old Town Alexandria and get something else to eat. After walking around, and getting a great deal on a cardigan, we decided to stop at Eamonn's. I had gotten an email from thrilllist that they were offering a special of deep fried Cadbury Cream Eggs (as you can tell by the Cadbury Creme Eggs, we went back in April). Eamonns specializes in Fish and Chips, along with their deep fried goodies.
We just ordered some "chips" $3.75 (Large...the guy suggested this size..saying it was not big-we couldn't finish them all) and some deep fried goodies. The chips were pretty good, but the dipping sauces that went along with them were lacking. I think it might have been because the dipping sauces were geared more towards the fish. Luckily I enjoy ketchup and malt vinegar with my fries so I was happy.
For the fried goodies, we tried the Dough Balls $3.50 and the Snickers Bar $3.50. The dough balls were kind of dry,not very great. On the other hand the Deep Fried Snickers bar, o man, was great. Next time I want to gain a few lb I am stopping by a getting one of these.
Being a sucker for cool/interesting/new products I decided to try this drink (C played it safe and got a coke). I saw that it was an "Irish Classic," red and lemonade so I had to try it. It was kind of bland, and not the best drink I've had. I would pass on it in the future.
They have a pretty cool interior too.Bench seating, very pub like(at least in my mind).
Here is a little "Dublinese" to end your read off with :)
728 King Street
Alexandria, VA
Eamonn's on Urbanspoon

I have to say that I was disappointed in Murphy's appetizers, although they were a great deal (they app's were half price that night, and they gave us buy one get one free!). The highlight of this place is definitely their entrees, beer and environment. Our total for Murphy's came to about $12-13 so I don't regret going, and I will defenitely be back for some entrees or pub "chilling."

As for Eamonn's, I was a little disappointed. The whole point of that trip was to try the "Deep-fried Cadburry Cream Egg." I either have a problem with thrilllist, or the restaurant. When I asked the guy up front, he had no idea about what I was talking about, even when I brought up thrilllist, he just seemed kind of confused the entire time. The fries were good, and so were the fried goodies. If I am wandering around Old Town, and crave some fried goodies, this is definitely a place to be.

Murphy's Grade: C+ (stay away from the appetizers-stick to the beer or entrees)
Eamonn's Grade: B- 

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