Friday, May 20, 2011

Epicure Cafe

G and I were driving around aimlessly the other night, trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. It was getting late, and not a lot of places were open. I saw this place called Epicure and it looked pretty interesting so we decided to stop in.
We both got beers to start out, they were only $4 a piece which is good in NOVA if you want something other than Bud or Miller. I got Blue Moon, and G got Magic Hat #9.
I decided to try their Greek Pizza $10 with gyro meet, feta cheese and tomatoes-I also asked for a side of tzatziki sauce. This pizza was surprisingly good. It's not NY style or wood oven, but it definitely satisfied my appetite. My only complaint was that part of the crust was a little under cooked but not enough to deter me from eating the pizza (I went here again recently, and the pizza was cooked perfectly!).
G got Epicure's Philly Cheese-steak Sub $6 with a side of French Fries $2.This was a decent sandwich. There was a little too much spice (I love spice, just not on this sandwich) for my taste for a Philly Cheese Steak. If you don't mind spice with your Philly cheese steak, then this is a good option to try. The fries were decent, nothing extraordinary. 
I would definitely come here again (in fact I already have! later post). I love the atmosphere. It is very chill-a great place to hang out and get a bite to eat. When we went on Thursday, they had an open mic night, so I thought that was pretty cool, I like those sort of things (they also have open mic on mondays). Fridays/Saturdays they offer free music. I believe they also have hookah if you are into that sort of thing. Service is quirky and friendly.
My only complaint is that you have to order a side of fries to go with your sandwich, and I think items like that should be included with your meal.

Grade: B (their Greek Pizza is delish!!)

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