Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Döner Bistro

I was using my urban spoon slot widget on my fancy new iPhone (bday present-thanks mom!!!!) to look up restaurants in Leesburg, even though I was going to a house party where there was going to be plenty of food served (picture below-and this is just the meat!).
A place named Döner Bistro popped up, and I knew I had to try it. I quickly informed G that we could not eat a lot at the party, and that we had to try this place on our way back. For those of you that don't know, a Döner Kabob is a wonderful invention which is similar to a gyro or shwarma that is popular in Europe and the Middle East, and I believe originated in Turkey (don't hold me to this). It is perceived as fast food, and I first experienced this wonderfullness when I was studying abroad in Austria (G experienced it in Germany and fell in love).
After the party we left in search of Döner Bistro, which is located in Old Town Leesburg. We had a little trouble finding it, but if you just park in the main parking garage for the town and walk over a block it is pretty simple to find. They have an outdoor patio which is amazing to sit and relax on while enjoying a cold beer.
They have you order at the inside counter, including your drinks, and then you receive a number and choose a  table. When your food is ready they bring it to your table. Their German beer selection is amazing! I am not sure which beer we got, it was on draft and about $5-$6.
Due to not being hungry, we decided to split a Döner $7.65 and an order of Pommes(s) $1.95(french fries).  They came on this neat serving try that holds the Döner up. Sadly to say, I thought the authenticity of the Döner was lacking. The bread and toppings were too overwhelming, you couldn't really taste the meat, and I was not a fan of the Tzatziki. If you have never had a Döner, you may like this sandwich. However the fries were quite tasty and worth ordering.
They also have an extensive German candy collection to offer for dessert and offer live music on certain nights. Although I was not a fan of their Döner, if I was ever in the area or had a craving for German beer and atmosphere, I would definitely come back and try one of their other German specialties, or just chill in the warm weather on the patio sipping German beer and eating Pommes. The beer selection alone is a good reason to try this place out. I recommend going shopping at the Leesburg outlets, and then coming here for a refreshing beer this summer !!
Grade: B-/B (the environment, frites and beer selection plays a huge part of this grade, but until I have some other food, I can't give it anything higher)

202 Harrison Street SE
Leesburg, VA 20175
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