Friday, April 29, 2011

Will the Real Tony's Please Stand Up

According to all of my Manassas friends, there is a superior Tony's New York Pizza  located in Manassas (I am a fan of the Tony's in Fairlakes).
I actually went here 3 times in the span of a week due to obligations taking me to Manassas and I go here occasionally when I happen to be in Manassas.

G and I each got slices: Cheese, Pepperoni and Pineapple (not shown). The cheese and pepperoni are classics, great every time. Sadly the pineapple was not very good, I am thinking that this place does not do additional topping very well if you ask for them on an already pre-made slice.
For some reason, I really like the Pizza Garlic Tony's offers(I recently tried the Fairlakes one and it was not the same). I rarely put additional things on my pizza (cheese, crushed pepper flakes, etc) but I always put this on part of my pizza here.
One thing that I think they do really well is the Foccacia-the best I've had. It's usually the perfect texture, crispy but still soft and the marinara dipping sauce is great. I say usually, because for the past 2 times I have been here, there has been something off with the foccacia (I have been here several times where its been great).
I think this is their Greek Salad? I can't remember, but it is the salad that they have sitting out on the counter with all the slices of pizza. It was decent-I did enjoy their selection of veggies, but they needed a stronger dressing on it, I barely got any flavor.
I am a sucker for Fried Ravioli but I was very disappointed in the ravioli here. It had the potential to be good, but they had pieces of jalapeno or something inside it that gave the ravioli a bit of a kick. Had I known this, I would have passed on ordering this starter.
One time we decided to try the Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach and Artichoke Foccacia. Everything on this was pretty good, but this is just an awkward thing to eat. I think I will stick to slices or normal foccacia instead.
Now for the tough choice, which Tony's is the best? I really can't make a decision (everyone from Manassas is a firm believer, not open to any other options, that theirs is better). Both Tony's have things the other does not. 

Tony's Manassas
-better prices hands down. G and I ate here 3 nights, and a total of about $37 was spent, and each time we got more than we would normally eat. 
-Foccacia is amazing (apparently the foccacia that Fairlakes use to serve cut up T and G's mouth, my mouth was fine...)
Tony's Fairlakes
-The individual slice selection here is 10x better, there is more variety
-I personally think the pizza here is better (although their pizza is hard to compare, because they are 2 completely different tastes)
Luckily I don't really have to choose, as one is in Fairlakes and the other in Manassas, so based on where I am location wise is where I will choose to go.

Grade: B+

9108 Mathis Avenue
Manassas, VA
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