Friday, April 1, 2011

Kabob Corner

I apologize, it has been about two weeks since my last blog post. The past two weeks at work have been absolutely dreary and I haven't had motivation to do anything blogging related (don't worry, I have managed to go out and eat food and try some wonderful drinks). Last night R, A, G and I decided to go try out Kabob Corner. I pass this place a lot while driving on Main Street and have always been curious, so eventually I got around to yelping it, saw that it got good reviews, and made the decision that I would have to go there.
One night on the way back from the bars I point out to R that I want to try this place and he get's really excited and lets me know he's been wanting to try this place. Fast forward two months and many failed attempts, R and I finally decide on last night. We all meet up at this mini strip of stores, and stand by the counter debating about what to order. When I say we debated, I of course mean the other 3 because per usual I have already decided what I wanted to order ahead of time.
I ordered the K9: Kabob Combo 2 for $9.95 (R decided to copy me and get the same thing).The combo comes with chicken and kubideh (ground beef with spices). All of the kabob entrees come with rice, flat bread (similar to naan, not sure if that is what is is called though), cilantro mint sauce and a choice of a side.
G got K8: Kabob Combo 1 for $9.95 which was served with lamb and chicken instead.
A got a new item on the menu, the Beef Kabob, which was about the same price as the others with a side of Yogurt Sauce $4. 
For sides, I got the spinach and the other three got the meatballs.
Mint/Cilantro Sauce "Taste of Heaven"
& the bread
To end the night, R decided to pig out and get an order of Baklava for about $5.

Chicken: Good, flavorful, and spiced well
Kubideh: Average, I think it is really hard to get good kubideh, I probably wouldn't order this portion of the meal again here
Beef: tender, juicy and perfectly marinated
Lamb: Very tasty, cooked well
Mint/Cilantro Sauce: Absolutely Amazing, you could tell the cilantro was fresh, one of my favorite parts of the meal
Yogurt Sauce: Average, I have had better.
Bread:Very tasty, typical bread. I would have preferred a little more crisp to the edges, but it was still very good.
Rice: Dry and flavorless. Rice can be one of my favorite parts of the meal, luckily I was not upset because there was so much other food to eat, I was full long before I got to the rice.
Meatballs: Interesting, I have never really had meatballs any sort of "ethnic" style. It was not bad, but when i think about meatballs, I imagine Italian food.
Spinach: Good although I was expecting more of an ethnic flare to it
Baklava: Good, not dry, your typical baklava

The set up is this: you order food at the counter, sit down and wait until your order is called. They have a selection of bottled drinks you can pick out, and they offer free water and hot green tea. There were plenty of seats around, and they seemed to do well for carryout.
Overall, I enjoyed my meal and I think the portions are great for the price. I would come back here again (probably for carryout) but I do have to say that certain items, which happen to be my favorite, Moby Dicks does better. They have some of the best kubideh, rice and yogurt sauce around. The rest of the meats are all comparable, and Moby Dicks does not offer sides with their kabob orders.

Grade: B-

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