Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jersey Trip Wrap-up

Saturday morning Dani and I were running late, and ended up missing the train by literally a minute to NYC. We were starving and had an hour to kill, so we went to this place called Office Beer Bar and Grill.
We split the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. It was tasty, nothing out of the ordinary, but it satisfied our hunger.

We also each ordered a beer, yes it was early, but you only live once. D got a glass of Carlsburg beer. It was pretty tasty, I've never had it before. I got a glass of Stella.
All in all this place was good. D let me know this is the hang out for happy hours after work. There is a long standing joke about this place when people ask where you are going after work, and you say "The Office," very amusing :)

Grade: B (Wasn't bad, but I am sure it is amazing for happy hours after work)
61 Union Pl
Summit, NJ 07901

(908) 522-0550 
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To end my wonderful trip to visit D, Sunday we went to a late breakfast at Bagels-4-U before I had to leave. D got an Everything Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese, and I got a Plain Bagel with Everything cream cheese. The bagels were awesome! And the Everything cream cheese----AMAZING. I have never had it, never seen it before this trip and have yet to see it again. Maybe one day I will be graced again with this awesomeness.
We also got little pastries which were not that great, but they were cheap and the bagels were stellar so I didn't mind.
Grade: A- (The bagels were very good, but the Everything cream cheese pushed this place to an A)

177 Washington Valley Road
Warren, NJ 07060
(732) 469-5829
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