Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crumbs Bakery

Crumbs Bake Shop is the first and only cupcake store I have been to, which is sad because the cupcake craze has been going on forever. I have given this place 3 tries, and I just can't seem to like it.

The first time I went with L and we both got the Strawberry Shortcake Cookies. These were wonderful, one of the best cookies I have had that didn't involve chocolate in it.  It was moist, but I would have preferred a little bit more strawberry.
The second time I went with L and L2 and there was only one cup cake left, the Artie Lang(Vanilla cake with chocolate cream cheese frosting filling, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting dipped in chocolate fondant and edged with chocolate and vanilla sprinkles). I thought that the vanilla cake was dry and the icing was not very good either but hey, Crumbs donates a portion of the sales from this cupcake to St. Jude's-that's pretty cool I guess.
My 3rd time G and I decided to try 2 cupcakes.
The first was the Cappuccino (Chocolate cake filled and frosted with our signature coffee cream cheese, decorated with mini chocolate chips and lightly dusted with cocoa powder). This was a let down-I've heard great things about their coffee inspired cupcakes. The cake was flavorless and dry, and I barely got any coffee flavor in the icing or the filling.
The second was the Peanut Butter Cup (Rich chocolate cake filled and frosted with our peanut butter cream cheese frosting and topped with peanut butter cup wedges and edged in crushed peanuts and chocolate chips). Another let down :( Dry, flavorless cake and the icing was a very interesting consistency for butter-cream but I am not an expert on icing, so it could have been normal.
After the unsuccessful trips, I think I am done giving this place a try-dry cupcakes are not worth the calories or the space in my stomach. If I am ever passing by, and I happen to see a particularly delicious looking Strawberry Shortcake Cookie, then I may have to get one (but the past few times I've been-the cookie has looked overcooked). One thing that they do have is a very creative, vast assortment of cupcakes-and if anything, it gives me inspiration for my own baking ventures.
*descriptions of the cupcakes from the crumbs website

Grade: C

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