Friday, April 29, 2011

Will the Real Tony's Please Stand Up

According to all of my Manassas friends, there is a superior Tony's New York Pizza  located in Manassas (I am a fan of the Tony's in Fairlakes).
I actually went here 3 times in the span of a week due to obligations taking me to Manassas and I go here occasionally when I happen to be in Manassas.

G and I each got slices: Cheese, Pepperoni and Pineapple (not shown). The cheese and pepperoni are classics, great every time. Sadly the pineapple was not very good, I am thinking that this place does not do additional topping very well if you ask for them on an already pre-made slice.
For some reason, I really like the Pizza Garlic Tony's offers(I recently tried the Fairlakes one and it was not the same). I rarely put additional things on my pizza (cheese, crushed pepper flakes, etc) but I always put this on part of my pizza here.
One thing that I think they do really well is the Foccacia-the best I've had. It's usually the perfect texture, crispy but still soft and the marinara dipping sauce is great. I say usually, because for the past 2 times I have been here, there has been something off with the foccacia (I have been here several times where its been great).
I think this is their Greek Salad? I can't remember, but it is the salad that they have sitting out on the counter with all the slices of pizza. It was decent-I did enjoy their selection of veggies, but they needed a stronger dressing on it, I barely got any flavor.
I am a sucker for Fried Ravioli but I was very disappointed in the ravioli here. It had the potential to be good, but they had pieces of jalapeno or something inside it that gave the ravioli a bit of a kick. Had I known this, I would have passed on ordering this starter.
One time we decided to try the Sun-dried Tomato, Spinach and Artichoke Foccacia. Everything on this was pretty good, but this is just an awkward thing to eat. I think I will stick to slices or normal foccacia instead.
Now for the tough choice, which Tony's is the best? I really can't make a decision (everyone from Manassas is a firm believer, not open to any other options, that theirs is better). Both Tony's have things the other does not. 

Tony's Manassas
-better prices hands down. G and I ate here 3 nights, and a total of about $37 was spent, and each time we got more than we would normally eat. 
-Foccacia is amazing (apparently the foccacia that Fairlakes use to serve cut up T and G's mouth, my mouth was fine...)
Tony's Fairlakes
-The individual slice selection here is 10x better, there is more variety
-I personally think the pizza here is better (although their pizza is hard to compare, because they are 2 completely different tastes)
Luckily I don't really have to choose, as one is in Fairlakes and the other in Manassas, so based on where I am location wise is where I will choose to go.

Grade: B+

9108 Mathis Avenue
Manassas, VA
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jersey Trip Wrap-up

Saturday morning Dani and I were running late, and ended up missing the train by literally a minute to NYC. We were starving and had an hour to kill, so we went to this place called Office Beer Bar and Grill.
We split the Spinach and Artichoke Dip. It was tasty, nothing out of the ordinary, but it satisfied our hunger.

We also each ordered a beer, yes it was early, but you only live once. D got a glass of Carlsburg beer. It was pretty tasty, I've never had it before. I got a glass of Stella.
All in all this place was good. D let me know this is the hang out for happy hours after work. There is a long standing joke about this place when people ask where you are going after work, and you say "The Office," very amusing :)

Grade: B (Wasn't bad, but I am sure it is amazing for happy hours after work)
61 Union Pl
Summit, NJ 07901

(908) 522-0550 
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To end my wonderful trip to visit D, Sunday we went to a late breakfast at Bagels-4-U before I had to leave. D got an Everything Bagel with Plain Cream Cheese, and I got a Plain Bagel with Everything cream cheese. The bagels were awesome! And the Everything cream cheese----AMAZING. I have never had it, never seen it before this trip and have yet to see it again. Maybe one day I will be graced again with this awesomeness.
We also got little pastries which were not that great, but they were cheap and the bagels were stellar so I didn't mind.
Grade: A- (The bagels were very good, but the Everything cream cheese pushed this place to an A)

177 Washington Valley Road
Warren, NJ 07060
(732) 469-5829
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"Chinese Food Friday" Peking Village II

For the past couple of fridays at work, a few of us have ordered food in. A co-worker dubbed this specific Friday "Chinese Food Friday". We decided to order from Peking Village II because they got good reviews and we found coupons online. Here is some of what we got...

Sweet and Sour Pork $6.50: Good, nothing to write home about.
Crab Meat Fried Wonton $3.95: Tasty but it is "hard to mess up crab meat and cream cheese"
Vegetable $5.95 /Combo $6.25/Chicken Lo Mein $5.95: I thought this was pretty good, better than I have had at other delivery places.
Triple Delight $10.25: Not bad, but wouldn't order it again. *Just in* It does not reheat very well, and it apparently smelled like "dog food" when reheated.
Fried Rice $3.25(small): Kinda dry, not very tasty
General Tsou's: Ok, not bad once again -->We actually got this free because we had an order over $30

Overall, everything was just so/so. It was not a bad meal, everyone was satisfied enough, just not worth a return trip. I did like their Lo Mein, but it's not enough to bring me back to the place. Delivery time was normal.

Also a big negative, they don't give you fortune cookies with your meal, you have to buy them separately...who does that?

They don't have a website, but here is a 3rd party menu link if you want to give this place a try, they got pretty good reviews on yelp.

Grade: C- (I full enjoyed my Lo Mein)

10782 Lee Hwy
Ste A
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 691-9888
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Elevation Burger

I finally got to try Elevation Burger! I've been wanting to venture here for awhile. I'd heard of Elevation Burger in passing, and I was reminded of my desire to try this place when I ate at Pie-Tanza.We went to the one in Falls Church, and they also have locations in Arlington and National Harbor.
Their menu is pretty straight forward. You order food at the counter, and when they call your name, depending on the "caller" they bring the food to you or you go up and grab it.
We were all pretty hungry, Mom very hungry, so the mini chocolate chip cookies(3) 99 cents won her over immediately. They were decent but I probably would not get them again.
We each got a milkshake. Starting from the top right and go clockwise: Chocolate Oreo, Coffee and Vanilla Oreo. The Chocolate and Vanilla Oreo were great, but I was not happy with the way they did their coffee shake.
We each got a Cheeseburger.If any of you have been to 5 guys, they have the same deal. You pick your burger, then you get to pick as many toppings as you want. I like the toppings here because they have caramelized onions, which is one of my favorite foods. As far as their burgers go, they taste healthier than 5 Guys-not as greasy, and their products are organic without jumping in price, pretty cool.
Their fries were great-crispy and cooked well!
We all got water, but they had the coolest soda machine ever! All touch screen.
So what's the verdict? The fries, milkshakes and burger toppings were very good, and the burgers were decent. I would come here again if it were convenient, but I wouldn't make a special trip to come here. All and all a good trip. Next up (hopefully): Ray's Hellburger

Grade: B  (I am trying out a new rating system, look for my updated ratings soon!)
442 S Washington St
Falls Church, VA
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Birthday Treats

Very nice birthday treats on a dreary day :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"The Pink City" Jaipur Cuisine

Carrie's mom was nice enough to buy her a Living Social Coupon for Jaipur Royal Indian Cuisine and I graciously accepted an invite to join her. For those of you globally challenged (I admit, I didn't know this either), Jaipur is referred to as the "Pink City" in India.
photo credit
Jaipur has gotten great reviews on pretty much every website it has been featured on so I was pretty excited for this meal.
When we sat down they brought us a basket of very thin lentil crackers (I am really not sure what to call them, the best I can describe them) and a red and green sauce to dip. The crackers/bread/whatever were very interesting, definitely had a spicy kick to it. The red sauce was way too sweet for me, and the green sauce was good with a very mild kick- mixed together they were tasty.
If you every go to an Indian Restaurant, I highly recommend you order a Mango Lassi (a wonderfully tasty yogurt and mango drink). Jaipur actually serves a version of the Mango Lassi with rum, which we had to of course try. Sadly it was not as good as we thought, I pretty sure they just put rail rum in, which did not blend well. A flavored rum would have gone perfectly.
We started off our meal with the Vegetable Samosa appetizer $4. This was good, just your typical samosa. Good portions for the price.
Next we got an order of the Lamb (Gosht) Vindaloo $16, typically a spicier dish. Our waiter asked if we were sure that we wanted spice in, and we said yes, but sadly they did not add any kick to it except for the pepper on top. One of the servers asked how we were doing with the spice, we told him there wasn't any, and he brought us out the spice they put in to try. The sauce was spicy but I think that it would have been manageable if it were mixed in with the sauce of the dish. The lamb and the sauce were good. 
The other dish we ordered, which is apparently an original/staple of this place is Murgh Makhini (bbq chicken folded in a rich tomato creamy sauce) $14. I haven't had anything like this, but it has similar features to butter chicken. I really liked this dish though. Not spicy at all for those of you who shy away from spice.
And of course an Indian meal is not complete without a side of naan. It was delicious but I hate how restaurants make you pay for this.
Basmati Rice was also served with the meals, pretty average as far as basmati rice goes.
The decor was themed for the Pink City.
Service was great, we had like 3 waiters, so I kinda lost track of who was who.  The location is a little weird, it is inside an apartment complex, so parking is a little interesting, but there are signs up to tell you where you can park.

The food was good, but I won't be returning here unless I have a coupon as the food is a little pricey, and portions are small. 

Grade: B-

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Drinks with the ladies @ Coastal Flats

L2 had just bought a pair of interview heels and needed to break them in, so I of course jumped at the invite to don my new pair of heels and go with L and L2 for a few drinks at Coastal Flats in Fairfax Corner (they have a Tysons location as well).

The bar area was ridiculously packed so we decided to get a booth seat. Great choice, booths are so much more comfortable than a bar stool. We started off our meal with a bread basket. They have these tiny round bread rolls that are absolutely delicious, and I have yet to meet a person that does not love them.

L ordered the Pineapple Mojito which was delicious! Flavored mojitos are some of my favorite drinks.
L2 ordered the Lucky Lounge Lemonade which is a blackberry lemonade drink. This was really tasty, but at times hard to drink with the chunks of blackberry that kept getting caught in the straw.
I ordered the Mango Mojito and the Pomegranate Margarita (I was having a rough night, I needed a drink or two). The M.M was pretty good, and the P.M was good-but not as good as the previous time I had it here, something was off about the drink.
We also ordered a side of French Fries $3 and Sweet Potato Fries $3 to munch on. French Fries were good, just your typical fries, but Coastal's version of ranch is wonderful. It has a slightly sweet taste to it, with a whole bunch of herbs as well. The Sweet Potato Fries were not too bad, but I will probably stick with french fries from now on.
Drinks run about $8-$9 which is not too bad for fun mixed drinks at a restaurant. I would come here again to sit and chat with the ladies and get a drink or two (their food is pretty good too).

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