Friday, March 11, 2011

Tony's Pizza in FFX

The other night I was craving some pizza, just worked a 12 hour day and wanted something good and quick to eat so I could go to bed. I decided to go to Tony's, a place I have been eating at for years.

Everytime I go, I always order the same thing, a slice of cheese and a slice with pineapple (sometimes I switch up slices), which are always amazing. I love the crust, sauce and cheese. Great N.Y. style pizza. Because I have a blog and I am trying to try new things, G and I decided to get something different.
I ordered a glass of wine to start off my meal. I believe I got some sort of cab sav, but I don't really remember. It was $6.50, and later when I looked at the menu, the price was listed at $6.They need to update their prices!
We ordered an appetizer of Mozzarella Sticks $5.50. When we first got them, they were barely warm (no gooey wonderful cheese). We ended up sending them back, and they reheated them-making the cheese gooey. I was a little pissed though because, as it was our app, we should have gotten in before the meal instead of it just sitting getting cold. They also should have made us a new batch instead of reheating them. The sticks were not to bad, but I will not be ordering them again.
For slices, we decided to get a slice of White $2.50 and a slice of the Margherita Special $3.50. The White consists of mozzarella, ricotta, parmigiano, romano and garlic. I didn't really like their white pizza, and in my opinion, I think it is really hard to get a good white pizza.The Margherita Special consisted of parmigiana, prosciutto, arugula and fresh mozzarella. This was excellent.
The final item we decided to split was a Sausage Parmigiana sub for $6.95. I chose this because I haven't seen a sausage parm sub anywhere. I thought that this was pretty tasty. The sauce, cheese and bread were all pretty good. It was kinda cool how the sausage was sliced, it made it easier to eat. I probably wouldn't order this again though, I prefer hot Italian sausage, I need a kick or the sausage just seems kind of flavorless to me. G need not like this sub, and he passed on eating his half *gasp.* I think I am going to try and make a version of this dish soon.

When I come here, I usually just get pizza, and I have never been unsatisfied. As far as their additional menu items, I kinda have an "ehh" approach, but hey, it's a pizza place, and they do that right. I will probably just stick to pizza when I come here so I know I will leave happy and satisfied.

Grade: B+

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