Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Hour @ La Sandía :)

La Sandía is a Mexican restaurant located in Tysons Corner at the mall. I discovered this place a few years ago with my friend Rosie (who I am going to Vinoteca with Sunday!). Since then I have been periodically going back there to get guacamole (I have yet to really find anything comparable so if anyone has any suggestions) and enjoy some of their cocktails. Because of my cheapness I try to go during happy hours to get the discounted drinks but I have also been there for lunch/dinner which I will post about later.

 Here is the happy hour special that is Monday-Friday 4pm-7pm
$3 Tacos . Quesadillitas (chicken or cheese) . Sopes
$3 Mexican Draft Beers
$6 Latin Cocktails
andddd this is new to me, but mon-thur from 4-7 the have $3 bottomless Guac (not as good as the one made in front of you, but still really good, def worth it)
  they have some other specials which you can find on their website
To take advantage of their happy hour you have to sit at the bar or on the patio
L, L2, Carleigh and I decided to go to happy hour to enjoy some cocktails, guac and of course to eat our weight in chips and salsa. All of the patio and bar seats were full, but they have standing tables too, so we took one over so we could get the happy hour special. We managed to snag 2 bar seats at the beginning, and 2 more were brought to us later.  

L, L2 and C all got the Sangria. L let me try hers and I thought it was really tasty and the fruit in it was yummy. They all liked their drinks.
I ordered the Mango Margarita, it was good, but not my favorite flavor for a margarita(I have had the Mango Mojito-AMAZING...later blog about that). I could taste the tequila, but it was not to overwhelming, and there were pieces of mango in it. I was really disappointed that it lacked a salt or sugar rim.
L and L2 got orders of the chicken quesadillas and C and I split an order because our focus was on the free chips and salsa. They were really good, but the portion was really tiny.
Along with Pizza, Guacamole is one of my sought after foods. I ♥ the fresh made guac at the table. They give you the option of mild, medium or hot. We got medium, and I thought it had the right amount of spice. If you get a bite with a jalapeño there will be more of a kick so if you do not like spicy, I would suggest getting the mild.
I forgot to put the pic with the chips and salsa in it, but they are bottomless and delicious (I will include it in La Sandia part 2).

For dessert we ordered the Tres Leches cake. It was pretty tasty, and for only $3 it was a pretty good deal. According to C it was the best tres leches that she has had outside of homemade. We both agreed that there was some aspect of the cake missing.
As far as service goes, I have always had great service here. The waiters have been attentive, my water has been filled and refills of chips and salsa have been prompt. Tonight was a different story. Our server must of hated us from the start. He took our drink orders. When I ordered guacamole I ordered the normal one, not the happy hour special which he ended up bringing. When I questioned it, he said he saw me looking at the happy hour menu so he brought that one out instead. He brought us out the correct guacamole and then we didn't see him again.

C had to stop another server that was walking by and ask him for water and to order another app. He took over for awhile, and his service was impeccable. He made sure we had chips and salsa, that our water was filled, got us 2 chairs so all four of us could sit and told us about other happy hour specials during the week. Next time I come back I am going to request Jesus as a waiter :)

Of course our waiter returned when it was time to do the checks, and we all tipped minimally because we were told that tips were not split, and Jesus wouldn't let us tip him. 

It's kinda cool, the owner of La Sandia owns a whole bunch of restaurants around the country, Richard Sandoval.

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  1. Was I really the one who introduced you to La Sandia? Go me :)

  2. I am pretty sure we discovered it together :)

  3. BEST guac. ever! LOVED it - great pictures too, April!