Monday, February 28, 2011

Pie-Tanza, Wood Fired Pizza

My friend Dani was in town, so we met up for a quick lunch before she had to leave (blog about my trip to visit her in NJ/NYC coming soon). After Saturday's experience at 7th Hill Pizza, I was on a pizza kick. I had heard about this place called Pie-Tanza- it got pretty good reviews (4 ★'s on Yelp and 88% of 226 people liked it on Urban Spoon) so we decided to give it a go.
It was located in a shopping center, which was packed at 3 (maybe it was because of it being a Sunday, and there was a grocery store there?). When we got inside, there were a few tables occupied.
D and I decided to split a pizza and a calzone. We ordered the Margherita Pizza for $11.69.I thought it was lacking in cheese (I do know that margherita pizzas are not covered in cheese-but a little more would have been nice) and the sauce was not memorable. There was plenty of basil on the pizza (which I love) but it wasn't enough to make this pizza a winner. 
For our calzone, we decided to ask the server if she had any recommendations, and she told us the Sausage, Onion and Pepper Calzone $11.99 was the most ordered calzone so we decided to get it. This was not to bad, it was filled generously with veggies and sausage, but I thought this too was lacking a crucial part, the cheese. The dipping sauce on the side was good, it had a bit of a kick to it which I liked a lot, but it was a pretty chunky sauce that I would have preferred to be a little smoother.
The inside was cute, the service was good and I was satisfied with my meal but I don't think that I will be coming back here again. I want to clarify that nothing was bad, and maybe I had high expectations due to the good reviews but nothing stood out to me, and I know D felt the same way.
It was located in a shopping center with a Taqueria in it, and Elevation Burger, which are both places I want to eventually try.

2503B N Harrison St
Arlington, VA 


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