Thursday, February 3, 2011

H street, Fruitbat and Frites

Luckily I have wonderful friends who are in support of my blogging aspirations and share my love of food and drinks so L and L2 decided to venture with me to H-street to try a couple of places I had heard about through thrilllist. Our first stop of the night was Fruit Bat, offering "fresh-squeezed and seasonal juice cocktails" and serving "South-American/Central American street-fare with a heavy vegetarian focus."
We are all quick walkers but with L being the extreme power walker, we actually pass fruit bat on our first attempt by about 2 blocks. We turn around and take it a little bit slower and finally arrive at the bar (you can see why we missed it the first time in the pic below).
It is a pretty small bar/seating area, but it's clean, well-decorated and pretty empty when we arrive. We decide to sit at the bar so we can bombard the bartenders with questions about the drinks and the bar (they were both very patient with us, points for service).
The menu looks pretty good, and we are all hungry, so L and L2 order the Arepa de Casa $4 "vegetarian white corn griddle cake con queso blanco." It was basically a corn cake filled with cheese. The dish came with a side of marinated coleslaw. They both enjoyed their dishes, and I thought it was pretty tasty.
I decided to get the Ensalada Loco $7 "corazones(heart) de palm, avocado, tomato salad and cilantro dressing." This was very visually appealing and presented very nicely compared to the arepas. All of the vegetables were fresh and delicious. The only downside to the dish is that you couldn't taste the cilantro in the dressing at all-and I love cilantro so this was very disappointing because this is what made me choose the salad over tacos. There were a lot of tomatoes, and I can only take so much, so L & L2 were happy to oblige and finish up the dish.
I decided to order a Lime Libations drink, a Passion Fruit Caiprowska ($10). This drink was pretty good, I probably should have tried one of their seasonal drinks, but I played it safe. I didn't really taste a distinction in the flavors and I probably wouldn't order this specific drink again.
L got "Rabbit Juice", "Rabbit Hole", or "Down the Rabbit Hole($9)." (same drink, 3 ways of putting it I guess?) After she ordered this, we heard a blending noise and looked over to see them juicing the carrots. This orange colored drink is made out of fresh squeezed carrot juice, ginger vodka and ginger-ale. L thought this drink had been an off choice but L2 suggested the addition of some freshly squeezed OJ, which made this drink a lot better.
L2 got the Dark Knight ($9) which consists of rye whisky, Crème de cacao and blackberry. This drink packs a punch-definitely worth your money for the alcohol content alone. It was pretty tasty, but very strong. You could taste the whiskey and the cacao, and they complimented each other. I personally did not get a strong taste of blackberry. L2 liked her drink, but it took awhile to finish, definitely a drink you only order one at at time.

Below are the wall ferns they boast about coming out of the wall. And not shown is their "condiment" bar, which has about 4 things you can add to your drink.

This is a great place to come and enjoy a cocktail with your friends and just catch up. When we first got there, it was empty, but it was packed by the time we left. I would suggest getting there around 5-7 to ensure good seating. We all agreed that we want to come here again in the summer and see what sort of seasonal cocktails they have created with fresh berries. 

*they can't split checks very well, so if you want to pay separately, then make sure to ask at the beginning*
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After hangin around for a little while we decided to go next door to Granville Moores. A "Belgium Beer and Gastro Pub." I had heard that they serve really good oysters and pommes frites (french fries) and we could all use some good frites and a tasty beer. 
picture from
L ordered Leffe. I actually liked her beer more than mine, it was light and crisp-and they give you this neat cup to pour it in.
L2 and I ended up getting Affligem, which was also good. It's a pale ale, but it had a more cloudy look to it. I would drink this again, but like I said previously I prefer the Leffe.
We decide to split an large order of the Frites for $7.50. Hearty portion and delicious taste. This alone with the dipping sauces would make me come back. To bystanders, the way we consumed these fries probably made us look drunk.They were that good. I think we may have spent a total of 30-45 minutes tops in this place.
We got a choice of 2 dipping sauces with our fries so we picked Garlic Ranch and Truffle Aioli...AMAZING. I have never had truffles before, and just trying the dipping sauce makes me want to try more. It is an originial flavor that I can't really compare to anything else.
We decided to try a new flavor, Maple Dijon...horrible, couldn't even force ourselves to eat more than one bite.
Yet another reason why L and L2 are great to accompany me to these places. After the horrible experience with the Maple Dijon Dip, we decided to just get another Truffle Aioli. After we had finished our fries, we decided the the Aioli was so good we did not want to waste it, so being the classy ladies that we are, some finger dipping may have occurred. 

@ Granville Moores, splitting the bill 3 ways, we each paid about $9, adding $2 for a tip. Not bad as we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and would definitely come back here again to try more Belgium beers, eat more frites and maybe try a Bison Burger. I would like to come earlier though so we could get a table instead of sitting at the bar.
Just a blurry, but pretty picture of the Capital driving back home.

If you can, I would recommend driving to this location, or taking a cab from the metro, the walk from the metro to H-street is not in the best neighborhood, and it would be a long walk.

Granville Moores
1238 H Street NE
Washington D.C.
(202) 399-2546

Fruit Bat
1236 H St NE
Washington, DC
(202) 399-2323


  1. omg! i've been wanting to go to granville moores for like a year!!! and now i REALLY have to go! ahh oysters and fries. sooo goood!!

  2. yay! ill go with you one time, i really want to try their bison burgers...and i want to go w someone who likes oysters so i can see how they are :)