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Al-Maza is a Lebanese restaurant located in Old Town Fairfax. My Mom and I both enjoy Lebanese food, and I have been wanting to try this for awhile so we decided to go. This place is huge and very clean-but it was very empty so I was a little worried. We decided to sit at the booths (my favorite kind of seat) and give it a go.
Mom and I ordered some Vegetarian Grape Leaves $4.95 to to start off our meal. They were pretty tasty, not to briny-which I find is problem I often come across when ordering these. I would have preferred a little more filling and I probably wouldn't order this again unless I really had a craving for grape leaves and I needed a quick fix.
My mom and I went to London a few years ago for my spring break and we had this amazing version of Fattoush $6.95 (description), and nothing has lived up to it since. Everytime I got to a Lebanese restaurant I order this and I have yet to have a salad that matches the one I had in London. This salad was really good, and I would order it again.
Mom ordered the mixed grill $14.95, which came with chicken, meat and vegetable skewers. The meat and chicken were both moist and tender, good quality-really tasty, especially the meat. The vegetables needed to be on the grill a little bit longer. It came with this white garlic dipping sauce which was tasty, if you are not a fan of garlic I would not suggest tasting this.The hummus was sub par, I would not order this by itself, but as part of the dish it was not bad.It also came with basmati rice, which is one of my favorite rices.
One of my favorite dishes is the Chicken Shawarma Wrap $6.95 (marinated chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and tahini sauce). This was good, I was not a fan of their Tahini Sauce, but with the sandwich it was pretty good-quality meat once again. For the price and quality of the sandwich I would get this again.
Their pita bread is not that tasty-kinda dry, but it will suffice if you need it to dip in the hummus or sop up some extra sauce.

If you do eat in, they offer bottled drinks for purchase.

After writing this review I checked out their yelp reviews (pretty surprised I didn't do this before I went), and they got a 4/5 stars. I don't know if I would sit down and eat here again, it is kinda pricey depending on what you get-but carry out is a good option. I do want to come back here and try some more of the wraps/sandwiches and if I am feeling like spending a little bit more money, try some of their meat combos.

There is a free parking garage in Old-Town that is across the street, or free lots scattered around Old Town that get packed pretty quickly.

10427 N St
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 865-8401

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