Friday, February 25, 2011

7th Hill Pizza

I actually found out about this place by searching random places on Yelp while at work (when I have down time of course). L and I planned a day trip to DC, so I was trying to find a good place to eat. Being the pizza fanatic that I am, I researched a whole bunch of places in DC and saw what places had good reviews. 

I ended up steering away from the pizza and picking Eastern Market because I have heard they have good lunches and I like the Capital Hill/Eastern Market area. Well it ended up being really packed and overwhelming so we decided to try one of the restaurants we passed on our way.

I remembered the name 7th Hill Pizza from my searches, and as I am always down to try some pizza, we decided to give this place a go. It was very crowded...even for our late lunch hour(after 2). The place is pretty tiny, a couple of tables and a bar. The structure (where to order) is a little confusing when it is crowded, but we managed to score two bar-seats next to each other, which were cool because they overlooked the pizza making.
Sometimes I get a mild form of anxiety when I go to a restaurant and I can't decide what to order. When possible I like to look at the menu ahead of time and decide what to get, or narrow it down to a few choices before I step foot in the restaurant. Crazy I know. The point of this little blurb is that L and I sat at the bar for probably a good 10 minutes deciding on what we wanted to order.

L and I actually ended up ordering the same pizza, Barracks Row 8" for $10.95.This came with mozzarella, red onions, mushrooms and spinach. Delish. The cheese, sauce and crust-the foundation of the pizza were all very good. The toppings were hearty, unlike a lot of places where you get 3-4 mushrooms on the entire pizza.

I actually got my pizza without mushrooms because I am not a fan, but the flavors still went really well together.
The names of their pizzas are related to things in DC i.e. Capitol Hill, Union Station, Barracks Row, etc.-which I think is really cool, but I am a sucker for themes.
The chef of this place, Anthony Pilla (click here for a cool video of him pizza flipping and stuff), was very friendly, he asked if we were enjoying our food. He asked us if we wanted to try one of the calzones, but we were so stuffed from the pizza that we declined. We saw one being made for a group of people near us and it looked amazing, but it was to big, and we would not of been able to eat it, so he told us he would make a small you can see by the was NOT small.
Just look at this was wonderful. He actually gave it to us on the house (originally around $6 I think), which was very kind, thanks to L for being so pretty :)
I definitely want to come back and try out another pizza or one of their sandwiches-maybe when it is warmer out so we can sit in the outdoor sitting. The guy sitting next to me ordered the turkey sandwich (not listed on the website, but they have a whole bunch of sandwiches on the menu in store) which looked amazing-I of course asked him, and he let me that it indeed tasted as good as it looked. If I still worked on Capital Hill I would probably become some sort of a regular.

327 Seventh St. SE
Washington, DC 20003

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  1. Have you tried We, The Pizza? I have a friend that raves about it constantly, and it seems like would love it as a pizza person!

    Great blog by the way--I'm always on the lookout for new places to eat in the area.

  2. no i havent but i really want to try it :)